Zinc is rapidly rising as the material of choice in up-market designer offices and homes.
When you choose Zinc Cladding for your home, there’s a number of finishes you can choose from…
NATURAL Zinc is a durable and aesthetic material that in the course of time develops a unique charm by the progressive patination of roof and façade cladding. The patina layer originates by the formation of a zinc carbonate base, which forms an oxide skin that is also a natural protective coating. This process starts under the influence of the weather conditions. It has a natural course, so the full grey shade is obtained after one to four years.
PRE-WEATHERED QUARTZ Titanium Zinc that undergoes a patination process to give a fully natural colour. The uniform medium-grey surface of Zinc originates after a chemical surface treatment following the rolling process.  No coating or lacquer layer is applied.  The structure and composition of the patina layer that is normally naturally formed by weather influences is simulated, and the natural properties of the titanium zinc are fully retained.

ANTHRA Titanium Zinc which is already pre-weathered during the production process, it is created by a chemical surface treatment after the milling process.  All the characteristics of zinc titanium are fully retained.  Anthracite is beside Pre-weathered Zinc a second colour variant of pre-weathered zinc titanium. If you prefer the dark surface from day one, we recommend Anthracite.

TEXTURED titanium zinc subjected to a patination process with a surface structure.  Rolling and smoothing with imprint rollers results in a surface treatment that provides a surface structure on both the top side and bottom side of the material.   This process is called structure rolling.

Metal Design Solutions Ltd roll supply their own brand “EUROROOF” and “EUROWALL” along with various euro type profiles similar to “EUROTRAY” and “EUROLINE”.

For well over 15 years Metal Design Solutions Ltd has pioneered advances in the architectural metal industry installing Zinc Roofing / Copper Roofing / Stainless and Aluminium Roofing and wall Cladding. Metal Design Solutions Ltd’s work is now found in and around structures across New Zealand. Check us out at www.metaldesignsolutions.co.nz