Copper ranges in colour from … well, copper… to green. Your choice of finish depends on your personal taste and the setting for your home.
 Standard copper has a bright red surface, which gradually turns to shades of brown and green when exposed to the environment. This may take tens of years.
Brown Copper is a dark oxidised copper. It is designed to look like copper weathered to the degree of natural oxidation before the familiar green patina develops. It is ideal for applications where a dark brown finish is required from the beginning. It is mainly intended for roofs and exterior wall covering, windows, doors and for decorative purposes.
Green is a pre-patinated copper which already has the established green patina of weathered copper from the outset, so you don’t have to wait for the weathering process to get the end result. It can be easily bent and is most commonly used for making panels and cassettes. Green is available in traditional and living surfaces. The living surface has a mottled and lively pattern.

Metal Design Solutions Ltd roll supply their own brand “EUROROOF“ and ”EUROWALL“ along with various euro type profiles similar to ”EUROTRAY“ and ”EUROLINE”.

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