Adding extras which were never in the plans… Part 4 of 5 on the art of material interfaces. Although a small aspect of any job, these elements take considerable planning and insight, which only a true artisan can provide.

Imagine working on this project. On the plans the roof stops at one point, and the wooden façade takes over. But once the roof is up, the owner and the builder decide that it looks a little odd, and ask for a 400mm strip of metal to be added to the roofline (as happened in this example).

If you think this is a rare scenario, think again. The best building plans are often subject to on-the-fly additions and adaptions. It’s called skope creep, and is responsible for many cost overruns.Fortunately we’re very good with scope creep. In the above example we had a custom fitting ready in moments. Our craftsman measured up the site, and sent a photograph back to the factory, and before a delivery vehicle could be dispatched, the component was computer cut and folded to fit.

Meanwhile our craftsman delicately lifted the membrane and prepared the site, so that when the part arrived it was able to be fitted and the roof restored in minutes. A trained eye can tell that a patch was added, but to all intents and purposes, the extra trim looks like it was planned from the start.

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