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While restoring an Auckland historic home we were able to deduce with some certainty that the last time the roof was repair was in 1967. Because that’s the date on the newspapers used for wadding [...]

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A Fairytale Finish by MDS

It took a unique blend of contemporary computer modelling with centuries-old artisanship to restore this hundred-year-old copper turret on an iconic Auckland home. It’s not the type of job brief we get every day. But [...]

Blockbuster Ceres

Keeping with the Organic Theme to build an award winning office and warehouse. As one of NZ’s best known organic food suppliers, Ceres prides itself on environmental awareness. So when it came to designing their [...]

Dress Up Time

A Facelift for a Building and a Community. DressSmart is arguably one of NZ’s most important shopping centres, because it simultaneously heralded a new genre of shopping in New Zealand – the rise of the [...]

Split Personality

Cladding a Future Icon Auckland Airport is fast turning into one of this city’s most prestigious business precincts as multinational companies embrace the ease of access to the country and the world. So it comes [...]

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