While restoring an Auckland historic home we were able to deduce with some certainty that the last time the roof was repair was in 1967. Because that’s the date on the newspapers used for wadding that our craftsmen hauled out of the turret as we started the refurbishment.

While it was screwed up pretty tightly into a ball, we were able to unfold some of the pages, to get an idea on what was important to Aucklanders some forty years ago.

The key news that day seemed to be a no-doubt earth-shattering expose on life behind the iron curtain (the mention of metal cladding is not lost on us). And lo and behold, there’s a Lockwood advert! Interesting that one of their key marketing pitch back then was the longevity and lo maintenance associated with aluminium sheathed exteriors. Kind’ve like the message we’re telling people today.