A look at five iconic projects which have helped position MDS as a leader in bespoke metal roofing and cladding.

Although Metal Design Solutions has worked on literally thousands of metal roofing and cladding projects over the last 15-20 years, there have been several key jobs which have gone a long way to defining who we are. Rather than us telling you why these jobs were special, we’ve referred you to published references in a leading architectural magazine.

1. Elephant Hills Winery:

Arguably one of the largest projects we’ve completed, and one of the most iconic. The three buildings making up the winery based right on the coast in Hawkes Bay required xxx m2 of bright green patina copper cladding.

Link: http://archive.trendsideas.com/Article13665/NewZealand

2. Auckland Art Gallery (Toi O Tamaki):

The new annex was built to complement and reflect the 100-year-old original. The specifications called for tolerances exponentially tighter than current practices, as the council expect this building to last for a hundred years more. Our Zinc roofs were contoured to fit and the craftsmanship ensures the new complements the old.

Link:  http://archive.trendsideas.com/Article15942/NewZealand

3. St Cuthbert’s Performing Arts Centre: 

One of the challenges with such a large building in an up-market residential neighbourhood was getting it to blend in with it’s environment. The choice of zinc mixed with granite mutes the building and reflects the surrounding landscape. The job was very technical with broad sweeping corners, and close contact with the pupils meant special attention needed to be placed on a durable and low maintenance solution.

Link: http://archive.trendsideas.com/Article16393/NewZealand

4. University of Auckland, Medical and Health Sciences Building: 

Right opposite Auckland Hospital, the application of a zinc façade to this building is almost industrial in it’s scale. While the frontage was finished in glass, the rear of the building was finished in zinc, spanning four floors from the carpark to the roof.

Link: http://archive.trendsideas.com/Article17370/NewZealand

5. Ceres Building:

While the scale of this project was nowhere near our limits, it ranks among our best due to the style and placement of the metal façade. Completed in 2014, this green-rated warehouse won big at the Property Council Award for attention to detail. The zinc metal cladding not only covered the building frontage, but also continued inside the building, giving the foyer a grand appearance.

Link: http://archive.trendsideas.com/Article18227/NewZealand

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