Part 2 of 5 on the art of material interfaces. Although a small aspect of any job, these elements take considerable planning and insight, which only a true artisan can provide. 

Our standing seam roofing profiles are a stunning way to finish any low-angled or flat roofs. But sometimes architects provide us with curve-balls which we have to calculate into the design of your roof. Take this example, where the roof slopes into a central drainage gutter, yet the edge of the project cuts in at an acute angle.

If we simply continued the planned roof profile, we’d have a seam trapping water against the outside capping. That obviously would affect both the look and the integrity of the roof over time, probably resulting in an expensive re-roofing job.

Recognising this problem at the planning stage, our craftsmen ordered a special panel with two seams cut at slight angles to allow water egress from the upper corners. The result is aesthetically pleasing as it softens the corners of the roof. But more importantly, it restores the functionality of the roof without impacting on the form.

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