Blockbuster Ceres

Keeping with the Organic Theme to build an award winning office and warehouse. As one of NZ’s best known organic food suppliers, Ceres prides itself on environmental awareness. So when it came to designing their new warehouse and offices, it’s not surprising that they created one of NZ’s greenest industrial buildings. Every element of the [...]

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Slip, Slap, Sloppy

How NOT to cause blotches when you install your metal finish. Every boatie will tell you the importance of having a sacrificial anode on their boat. The reason is that electrical currents passing from the boat to the water will take the path of least resistance, and as it leaves it will take a small [...]

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Choose Your Finish – Zinc Cladding

Zinc is rapidly rising as the material of choice in up-market designer offices and homes. When you choose Zinc Cladding for your home, there’s a number of finishes you can choose from… NATURAL Zinc is a durable and aesthetic material that in the course of time develops a unique charm by the progressive patination of [...]

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