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While restoring an Auckland historic home we were able to deduce with some certainty that the last time the roof was repair was in 1967. Because that’s the date on the newspapers used for wadding that our craftsmen hauled out of the turret as we started the refurbishment. While it was screwed up pretty tightly [...]

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A Fairytale Finish by MDS

It took a unique blend of contemporary computer modelling with centuries-old artisanship to restore this hundred-year-old copper turret on an iconic Auckland home. It’s not the type of job brief we get every day. But then again, few are. This job called for the refurbishment of a copper dome above this turret atop this historic [...]

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MDS High 5

A look at five iconic projects which have helped position MDS as a leader in bespoke metal roofing and cladding. Although Metal Design Solutions has worked on literally thousands of metal roofing and cladding projects over the last 15-20 years, there have been several key jobs which have gone a long way to defining who [...]

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Shades of Copper: Choosing the right “Patina” for your home

Copper ranges in colour from … well, copper… to green. Your choice of finish depends on your personal taste and the setting for your home.  Standard copper has a bright red surface, which gradually turns to shades of brown and green when exposed to the environment. This may take tens of years. Brown Copper is [...]

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