How Metal and Composites worked together to revive an aging commercial building.

Built in the 70’s in a paddock by the sea, this aging warehouse was now in the middle of a thriving industrial area, and was nearing the end of it’s usable life. But rather than tear it down and start over, Chemical Solutions (Kemsol) had other ideas.

This photo, taken from almost the same angle, demonstrates the extent of the makeover. The building has been transformed from a bland box into a striking architectural office.

The structure was still sound, and had been annexed with a large warehouse at the rear. So rather than tear it down, Kemsol decided to modernise the look with deep rich Zinc Cladding, and contrasting composite window frames.

In choosing these materials, Kemsol wanted to open the interior up without compromising the structure. And also create a façade which would not only look outstanding, but which would stand up to the harsh coastal conditions without the need for constant maintenance.

The net result is nothing short of stunning. For minimal cost Kemsol have added significantly to the work environment for their employees and the value of their asset.

The Kemsol Building was featured in Commercial Design Trends. For more on that article, read here:

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