Some aspects can’t be planned in the factory, and require delicate onsite adjustments. Part 3 of 5-part series on the art of material interfaces. Although a small aspect of any job, these elements take considerable planning and insight, which only a true artisan can provide.

One of the nightmares for roofers is chimneys, skylights, roof vents and pipes cutting through roofs and facades.

Any protrusion requires skill and ingenuity, because they’re often not quite where they were marked on the plans. So while we know we’re going to need holes in the skin, it’s usually a last minute decision as to where and how big the hole needs to be.

Clearly any hole in the skin alters the integrity of the building. And the size and position of the cuts affects both form and function.

So MDS plan as much as they can in the factory before they embark on a job. If it’s a chimney, they’ll prepare the grommets and flanges before they leave, and have templates marked up for the final cuts.

And once on site, our artisans need to precisely execute the cut, and securely weld the seam, to restore the integrity of the roof.

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