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What you don’t see in the drawings

The seamless integration of three different materials at a single point. Building With Metal (1 of 5) Quite often we’re confronted with joinery problems which no one really anticipated. In this instance, our job is to blend the aluminium joinery and the wooden paneling with our aluminium cladding. Because we’re the outside skin of the [...]

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Profiling Your Building

Which profile is right for your job? Unlike wood cladding, which requires a touch-up every couple of years, people choose metal finishes because they’re almost maintenance free for the life of the material. This is particularly true of metals like Stainless Steel, Copper and Zinc, which are installed in their natural form, and aren’t particularly [...]

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Steely Complexion

MM445 Stainless Steel offers long term impact Grade 445M2 is easier to work with than austenitic stainless steels such as 316: the much lower rate of work hardening gives lower forming loads, and less springback. Grade 445M2 also behaves like carbon steel in cutting operations: it gives cleaner cuts, with less distortion, and much better [...]

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Colour Whirled

Painted Aluminium offers first class looks at economy prices ANODISED ALUMINIUM is a controlled electro-chemical process that uniformly creates a thick oxide film as part of the aluminium itself.  The specification for the thickness of the anodised oxide film depends on the required application and location, and is measured in microns.  Generally, the greater the [...]

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Shades of Copper: Choosing the right “Patina” for your home

Copper ranges in colour from … well, copper… to green. Your choice of finish depends on your personal taste and the setting for your home.  Standard copper has a bright red surface, which gradually turns to shades of brown and green when exposed to the environment. This may take tens of years. Brown Copper is [...]

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Choose Your Finish – Zinc Cladding

Zinc is rapidly rising as the material of choice in up-market designer offices and homes. When you choose Zinc Cladding for your home, there’s a number of finishes you can choose from… NATURAL Zinc is a durable and aesthetic material that in the course of time develops a unique charm by the progressive patination of [...]

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